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It's hard to say exactly what uptown Pittsburgh Pennsyvania looks like. It's not so much one area as a collection of neighborhoods, between Fifth Avenue and the Boulevard of the Allies. Dismantled in the 1960's as part of "urban renewal," uptown Pittsburgh Pennsylvania became a rallying cry for the Uptown Community Action Group in 2003. They spearheaded an initiative to rejuvenate the area, starting with colorful black and gold "Uptown Pittsburgh" banners designed by Adam Filippo & Associates, a classy firm whose offices proudly reside on Fifth Avenue. Of course, there are more than just businesses in uptown Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. Long a prime living area for students, DuQuesne University resides on the east border, and the University of Pittsburgh has a cheerful "Welcome to Pitt!" banner flying at it's entrance just down the street from "Mr. Ribbs." Along the river front (which is the natural southern border for uptown Pittsburgh Pennsylvania) are other businesses, such as the UPMC Mercy Hospital. Other prominent businesses making their home in uptown Pittsburgh are the Pittsburgh Penguins (the city's National Hockey League team) and the beautiful Epiphany Church, as well as the Forbes Med-Tech Center, an incubator for upcoming medical and biotech firms. To either side of the uptown Pittsburgh are the Liberty Bridge and the Birmingham Bridge, both of which offer stunning vistas of the city lit up at night. Whether doing business or just to see the pretty lights of steel town, uptown Pittsburght Pennsylvania is well worth a visit.