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A visit to Station Square Pittsburgh Pennsylvania can be a visit including great eating, good fun, unique shopping, and luxury accommodations. Just across the river from downtown is Station Square Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. It is a popular spot for the locals and visitors to go. It is busy in the daytime, but much busier at night. From Station Square Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, the visitor can take a ride on the rivers with the Gateway Clipper fleet that is docked right beside the Sheraton Hotel. It's a fun trip and a good way to get views of the city and to even have a good meal or go on the dance cruise at night. Also at Station Square Pittsburgh Pennsylvania are many fun restaurants to enjoy. The casual ones with loud music are great, and there are also the unique ones that only sell fondues, or the bars and sports restaurants with the big screen televisions. There are also classy ones such as the Grand Concourse which is located in the old railroad concourse building, with high ceilings and ornate designs. Outside of the shops and buildings, are dancing fountains that are also lit up with many colors. Sometimes there are celebrity guests that visit and you can see them on the stage right where the fountains are. The Station Square Pittsburgh Pennsylvania also has shops inside and outside of the buildings. There are many sports shops since Pittsburgh has won many championships with its football, hockey and baseball teams. Pittsburghers are great sports fans, and they never have enough of their sports paraphernalia.