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Residents in the West End area of the city of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania already know what the rest of the city and much of the tri-state area is only now starting to discover - the West End is a hidden treasure just waiting to be uncovered. The West End is a section of the city of Pittsburgh made up of a host of small neighborhoods. In decades past, these neighborhoods were the stereotypical examples of small town America, except they were part of a thriving metropolis. Each neighborhood could boast its own bakery, pharmacy, small shops and grocery stores. Neighbors were friendly and everyone knew everyone else's business. Somewhere around the time the steel mills left Pittsburgh, these small neighborhoods started to fall into disrepair. Housing values slumped and people moved in and out of the communities regularly, hoping for a better start somewhere else. Fortunately for this sleeping giant, the West End of Pittsburgh is conveniently close to everything and anything in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. A mere five to ten minutes from the thriving Golden Triangle which is the heart of the city, the West End is the prime location for a revitalization project. Anyone who cares to look around can see that it's happening right before their eyes. With the massive West End Circle project well underway, the gateway to the newest and brightest section of the city now and in the very near future is going to be the West End. The future of the West End looks bright.