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  • I'm a graduate student at Duquesne University. I'm pretty outgoing for the most part, but I can have my quiet moments too around people I don't know too well or around people who don't shut their mouths, lol. I like to make people laugh. I'm a definite optimist-I often have a smile on my face and I think I can find good in just about anyone or anything, even though it may take a while... I believe everything happens for a reason. I'm very open-minded and I try not to judge people, because I know I have no right to. I am very easily entertained, although I typically lose interest in something after about 10 minutes or less. Music is my life. I hope to one day become a famous movie composer =) I consider myself intelligent. I tend to be pretty disorganized, so neat, organized people amaze me. I'm ridiculously ticklish. I'm very compassionate, affectionate, and empathetic. I've found that these can be both good and bad qualites. And last but not least, I have an amazing boyfriend who has shown me the true meaning of being in love for the first time in my life. Hmm, well I guess I could keep saying things, but eh. Just get to know me. I'm a good person to know =P ♥
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